Lamont Carey is a critically acclaimed motivational speaker, prison re-entry expert, spoken word artist, entrepreneur, author, artist and advocate for changing lives. He uses his life experiences as a delinquent youth, formerly incarcerated prisoner and an artist to inspire individuals, employees and communities. He believes if a person feels limited in opportunities and that their voice doesn’t matter, they will under perform or rebel. Lamont’s goal is to show individuals that no one can place limits on them or silence their voices but themselves. People who believe they lack control of their own lives are controlled… by themselves. In order to step into our greatness and to achieve our life goals, we have to know success is the only option.

As an artist and businessman, Lamont has appeared on several TV shows including The Wire, Def Poetry Jam and Lyric café.  He has received many awards such as Poet of the Year, Congressional and Senate Awards and the 2012’ Visionary Award from the Black Caucus of State Legislators. He is currently involved in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ “Collateral Damage- America’s Failure to Forgive or Forget in the War on Crime” report. The goal is to change the laws that continually limit convicted felons from life changing opportunities.

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