Tyrone Parker is a founding member and present Executive Director of the Alliance of Concerned Men (“the Alliance”), a nationally renowned Washington, DC based nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat juvenile crime by providing life and social aptness skills to the youth of Washington, DC.

The event that catapulted Mr. Parker into becoming one of the area’s leading authorities in fighting juvenile crime was his orchestration of a truce between two of Washington DC’s most notoriously violent rival gangs–the “Avenue and Circle”. Many local leaders felt that such a feat could not be accomplished because of the rival’s long violent history. However, Mr. Parker and the Alliance remained stead-fast and dedicated to seeing a sustainable end to the neighboring violence. Mr. Parker’s success in negotiating such an unprecedented truce not only garnered local attention and accolades, but several national print and media outlets also lauded Mr. Parker and the Alliance for their unwavering efforts.

For more information on the work Tyrone Parker does, and to support his organization “Alliance of Concerned Men” visit: allianceofconcernedmen.com